Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Berlin Day Three - Mittwoch

Berlin Old National Gallery

I thought this was quite an eye-catching window display.

APPLE STRUDEL! You can tell how hot it was that day as the ice-cream had mostly melted already! 

Bauhaus Archives and Design Museum

You weren't allowed to take photos inside the gallery so I have photographed the bits I was able to buy/take with me. They had a typography exhibition where you could collect and take as many sheets that had an array of the worlds typefaces on to choose from. They separated the room into sections so you could see which typefaces originated in which countries. Of course I went a bit mad and almost couldn't fit them all in the folder they gave us.

In the gift shop I bought a little pen/clip for my Dad and some washi tape for card-making and such. They gave me this postcard with it that they also sold as badges in different words such as 'design' and names of some of the designers they showcased in the museum.

The Spittelmarkt U-bahn was a short distance from our hotel which was pretty handy to get around.

Nice use of commercial space on the stairs. 

I thought this was a cool sign that looked typically Germanic. Translates to 'The Federal ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety.'

Second try of the Arizona Iced Tea - Green tea with honey which I really liked and has a nice sweetness with the addition of honey. Love the packaging! 

Next is the last day - Donnerstag.

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