Sunday, 18 May 2014

Park & Slide!

I began at the Christmas Steps where the path is a bit sideways in places. I found it to be a much better route to take than going up Park Street though. Especially when a big event like the Park & Slide is going on.

I carried on down Colston Street where they have a row of shops, all closed of course on the Sunday though. All the better for me to take photos and not get funny looks!

Check out this shop window display with the books as a banner. I love how thats all you can make out because of the reflection of the building opposite.

Look how cute! They cut out some letters and stuck them on the window!

They had a little cutting board set up by the window for book binding I would guess?

Your treasure box making skills are awesome Lucy! 

This is where I first saw the crowd at the slide. There was band dressed in pink building up the atmosphere for when it started.

This is the starting point for the slide. I could only get this shot by holding my camera above my head and hoping it got a good angle. There was just so many people!  

Spiderman becomes Sliderman! Hahaha! I'm hilarious!

They had a fair on College Green with lots of activities including canoeing.

I decided to play a game called spot the minion.

This is the crowd when the sliding was in full swing... ridiculous!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Update

Okay, so I went and bought a PSP mostly so that I could play this game- Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I got a cheap, second hand one so I could spend more on the actual game and buy the special edition. It comes with an art book and two art prints. I'm on a mission to warm myself up for when the game Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.

I haven't completed it yet but so far I love this game!

Moving on, I have been trying to watch more Studio Ghibli films and was kindly leant Ponyo to see the original Japanese version. I am now tempted to watch the dubbed version to see how the dialog differs. I'm not sure what to watch next but I have my eye on 'From up on Poppy Hill.' 

I found some really cool artwork on the windows of a fast food shop near my work and had to get some photos. There is a link to the illustrator here.

Lovely minimal window display by Jigsaw. 

I randomly noticed my coffee had a heart shaped shadow in it and thought it was cute.


Recently, I have gotten into loose leaf teas and found this glass infuser tea pot at a shop called 'The Loft' in Bath. I have to admit tea tastes a lot better when made in a pretty tea pot. 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sweet things: Paul & Joe and Rilakkuma

My purchases this month had a theme of sweetness so I thought I should share it on here. I bought some new make-up from Harrods as they had a good range of Paul & Joe cosmetics. Here I have:
Liquid eye-liner
Light cream foundation
Face Powder
Brush Holder

I love their style of packaging!

The brush holder has two compartments and a vintage style that is carried across the other items.

The face powder comes with a pom pom to put on the make-up with but I don't think I'll ever use mine as it is too cute!

My delivery from Harrods came with a little note to say thank you for shopping with them. Nice little touch :)

My first Rilakkuma purchase! I saw this pencil case on ebay and had to get it as it displays my love of coffee. One bonus I didn't notice on the ebay photos was the Rilakkuma writing in the background is actually in glitter!

The best candle I have smelt so far is this Woodwick Trilogy candle in Fresh Baked which is Bakery cupcake, orange gingersnap and coffee cake. I look forward to seeing how the fragrance changes throughout the three layers.

The wooden wick is unique to these candles as it gives off the sound of a crackling fire as it burns.