Friday, 28 February 2014

New Year Favourites

Firstly, I found these cushions in Vinegar Hill which are by Nikki Mcwilliams. There's more on their site that I didn't see in store like Party Rings and Nice Biscuits. I have a problem now though because I want them all!

To celebrate the new Yankee Candle store in Bristol's Cabot Circus I had to buy the Honey Blossom fragrance. I blame Kristi for getting me into buying candles now though because I was never really bothered about them before. She even convinced me to buy the bigger size by saying it was better value for money than getting the little ones. She should work in their sales department I think...

I needed to buy a new laptop as my current one is very outdated and on its last legs so I got a 13" Macbook Pro and this is its new home. I went for a smart sleeve from Jack Wills that has their traditional pink and blue combination. It has a slim pocket on the front and a strong looped zipper which I think does the job quite nicely.

Oh my goodness I am so in love with Rilakkuma right now! That and 'Little Twin Stars.' So many cute things! If you like pastel colours then LTS is the one for you but you can't go wrong with teddy bears dressed as bunnies - holding - teddy bears dressed as bunnies.

Photo Source - meidou

Photo Source - ebay

Also I've gotten a bit addicted to Tumblr because of this as well. If you like lots of cute/illustration/anime/design things then get on it here - My Tumblr

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fashion Museum

Another visit to Bath and this time we decided to see the Fashion museum. They have a new exhibit where you can try on clothes from the Victorian Era so of course we had to have a go. I wish it was fashionably acceptable to wear bonnets nowadays. 

I love the idea of updating old fashion designs into new trends. This part was devoted to Modern Georgian styles. 

Sorry about all the reflections in the glass and slight blurring - some garments were dimly lit and we weren't allowed to use flashes. 

The current exhibition was a collection of David Sassoon's work.
 A Life in Fashion - Bellville Sassoon Lorcan Mullany

Mulberry Bag! 

Dress of the Year 2012: By Raf Simons  - House of Dior

It was also celebrating 50 years of fashion at the museum and this was one of my favourites from 2008 by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.