Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bubble tea?

What's bubble tea you ask? Only the most amazing drink ever! I tried the Honey Dew Milk Tea with Strawberry Pobbles. I originally wanted to try mint with chocolate pobbles but they ran out of chocolate :( maybe next time though! I think it will be fun trying to think up new combinations like with the milkshake places where you can put chocolate bars and such into the drinks. 

I hadn't realised this place was quite new as it only opened last August. I first noticed it as I passed it on the bus. I had heard of bubble tea before but had no idea it was in the UK let alone in Bristol. I bet there are loads of places that do it also but this is the first I've seen. You can see their website here --> bubbletee. Any suggestions for other combinations? It took me a while to decide what to have as there is so much choice!


  1. oooh that looks fun! We need to go!! x

  2. I've noticed bubble tea popping up more and more in the last year! I've never tried any though, it looks magical, but how much like actual tea is it because I havent found a tea I've liked yet!

  3. Bubble popping up? lol good pun there! I thought it was a weird idea to put things like that into a drink but it was pretty fun. The milk tea I had was like milkshake to be honest, I didn't really taste the tea so you might like that or the fruit teas. Have you tried iced tea? Maybe you would prefer tea cold rather than hot :)