Friday, 15 February 2013

DIY: Heart felt keyring

This is from a set you can buy from Boots. I was given it as a Christmas present and thought it could even make a cute valentines day gift.  

On a side note: I put too much pressure on my needle from trying to get it through the layers of felt and because the thread was quite thick it consequently snapped so I would advise you to be careful when sewing and be gentle with it - unless your needle is like the hulk!

RIP needle. Luckily the set supplies you with two needles so I had back up... Did they somehow suspect someone would do that to it? 

I actually had to use some of my own embroidery thread to sew up the other half as the set did not provide enough thread. On the up side it has two thread colours now though I suppose.

The brushes I used for the arrows can be downloaded for free here:  creaturecomfortsblog

I downloaded the font Mensch from losttype

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  1. This is so cute! You could completely come up with your own designs for this too with whatever felt you liked! *plans magical keyrings* muhahahahaaa