Friday, 22 February 2013

Stitching and Thinking

Mending Sampler by Janet Haigh

Last weekend a friend and I visited the 'Stitching and Thinking' exhibition at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. It showcased the work of the Stitch and Think research group to identify and explore the values and current contemporary thinking about hand-making skills reflected through the discipline of stitch. I'm a follower of the make-do-and-mend trend and I think this exhibition shows it in a way I hadn't realised it could be, as a contemporary art-form. It encouraged me to get my sewing machine out and get back into customizing my clothes and do more DIY projects. I hope it had that effect on other people too. 

Mending Takes Time by Jilly Morris

I hadn't been to the gallery since I was little so it was nice to see it (in a way) through a new light. It is a beautiful building and has a lot to offer for a day out. I would have liked to see the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition but I may have to save it for another day as there was quite the queue to get in.

...and also here is a nice statue of a naked lady :P

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