Wednesday, 6 February 2013

'Rainy day' Thank you cards

Hey there! I finally got around to making some thank you cards to send from Christmas presents. I can't really remember why but I got into making a rainy day theme. I think I started with the blue striped design and decided I should put an umbrella with it because it looked a bit like rain. I hope they don't look depressing as thank you cards are meant to be happy. Although its a normal occurrence in England so its more 'everyday' maybe? 

I actually cut the text out for these from another design that I wasn't happy with and stuck them on using craft foam pads. Yay for recycling! In the end I think they look like dewdrop and puddle shapes, I seem good at unintentionally adding design details to my work... not in the normal way of actually trying to make design details.  

I saw a DIY post on fellowfellow where they drew spots onto the envelope so I decided to do an alternate version to suit the theme with silver raindrops. 

This one doesn't really fit into the 'Rainy day' theme but its another design I wanted to try out.

I will be posting my valentines card designs soon but I came up with some new ideas and wanted to make them before making a post on here. 

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