Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas illuminations

A mixture of things in this post but mostly pretty lights around christmas time. I 'attempted' to go to the Winter Wonderland event at Hyde Park with some friends but we didn't realise you had to have tickets and by the time we got there it was at full capacity! That's London for you but it's ok because I just like to visit the city, I don't mind where we go :) Ultimately these are the best photos I could get from the outside of the ferris wheel.  

We decided to go to Zizzi's for lunch and I was fascinated with the cups they give you for tea. They're so cool! I think its designed this way so that you don't burn your hands when picking up the cup. 

I love the colours of the tea. Also a pretty cool saucer!

...and then there was hot chocolate. 

A little snap nearby the marble arch. It was so flipping busy! 

I bought some heart shaped fairy lights from Vinegar Hill to put around my bed frame and also found this paper star garland in Toast made by Tudi Billo Papers.  

In November it was my Dad's 50th Birthday so we had a family meal at Ston Easton Park to celebrate. We booked a room for the lunch and had the library next door to have drinks in.

A butterfly wanted to join the party. 

Desserts are my thing so of course I had to photos of that too. They did this for my Dad on his sticky toffee pudding. 

The cake post-happy birthday singing. From Patisserie Valerie. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

November Favourites

Headphones upgrade! One of my first posts was on iLuv Headphones which are a budget pair of headphones that look cute in the pastel tones they have but I recently found that I couldn't wear them for too long as they put too much pressure on my ears. Unless they were meant for kids or something I don't know why its like this. I decided to spend a bit more money and get some proper headphones and these were the result. I originally saw these Philips Citiscape Frames on the urban outfitters site where they also had them in a tortoiseshell colourway which I spent too long deliberating on whether I should spend the money on and they sold out. Annoyingly, I couldn't find them anywhere else so I got these black ones which I love as well. They are styled on sunglasses (hence 'frames') which I think is a really cool feature. They have a denim style fabric on the band which I believe adds a bit more comfort. Its safe to say I don't have the same problem with these as with my previous headphones. 

Also loving the packaging it came in and the pattern inside to compliment the headphones shape.

Secondly are the new gift sets Benefit have brought out for Christmas. They knock down the price it would cost to normally buy the items inside separately and give you it in a pretty tin. It has really smart packaging and you also get a little booklet with tips for putting the make up on.

Nerd mode activate! It was my birthday this month so I went a bit mad with the anime/manga/gaming habit I have. I bought Pokemon X from Argos who give you a free poster with the game that is double sided. I love the brush stroke style on the first side. With Madoka Magica I had only seen the first episode of the original version and thought it was interesting. I read a few reviews that said it wasn't like the usual 'magical girl' anime and was intrigued. I was really impressed when I watched it (marathon style) and I loved the music. I definitely recommend it if you like anime.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Highland Fling

Here are some photos of a little outfit I put together that I thought reflected the theme of a British Garden nicely. The 'Highland fling' refers to the tartan trend at the moment which I love. The 'skorts' (shorts that look like a skirt) had the perfect colouring of tartan, which is how I imagine it should be for the wintery/christmas feel. I've seen a lot of other versions that had too much red and not enough of the foresty green colour.   

Jacket - Jack Wills
Shorts - Topshop (I couldn't find the colourway of the ones I have but they have them in a white version) 
Shirt - Topshop (old)
Watch -
Shoes - H by Henry Holland (Debenhams - old) 
Necklace - Topshop

Sunday, 10 November 2013


A lovely Sunday afternoon spent at Tyntesfield where they have a Victorian Gothic revival house that had been used to film the Doctor Who episode 'Hide.' It was too nice a day to go inside the house but the grounds and gardens outside are just as beautiful. They also had a small market and a shop selling some little christmas goodies.

Dress and Bag from
Scarf from Accessorize