Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Recently, things I have mostly been buying are...

While in Canada I fell in love with the shop Sephora where I went a bit mad buying things I'd not seen before. I got a mini roll-on perfume by Taylor Swift which has a lovely sweet scent but not a sickly kind of sweet I find in a lot of perfumes. I thought the roll-on was a good size to keep with you in the day if you need a bit of a top up on perfume.

I was given a sample of the Marchesa perfume that I also really like which has quite a clean, fresh smell I'd love to put on after a shower in the morning. I'm nearly out of the sample they gave me and will have to buy the proper bottle soon but it is quite expensive even for the small size. In Sephora they had a set which came with a funnel and a tiny bottle to keep with you as I am doing with the Taylor Swift perfume.

They had a huge selection of nail varnishes by O.P.I. and nails inc. I especially liked this special effects, sprinkes edition in 'Sweets Way.' It is a bit transparent so you seen through to your nail but I'm going to try putting a flat colour on first and then this on top.

From travelling a lot recently I finally gave in and bought a Nintendo 3DS XL. I'd wanted one for a while as it had a lot of games I wanted to play and of course the new Pokemon game will be coming out on it.  I sold my old DSi and some games to one of the games exchange places to put towards it. I was too lazy to put it on ebay where I probably could have got more. I ordered the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance to play on it which I was blown away as to how good the graphics are on them. Even though I didn't have a game to play on it for the first few days of owning it I went onto the Nintendo e-shop where you can download demos of games if you aren't sure what you want to buy. 

I followed up with getting the Fire Emblem Awakening game which is quite addictive. I love games where you can create your own character and interact with other characters. Its like animal crossing but you get to kill things! Best combination ever.

I was given some camera equipment and was so happy to find a macro lens that I had been meaning to get but couldn't afford. They make photos like these that look so much better than the other close-ups I had been making before.

Jack Wills had a sale going on so I went accessory shopping as I still can't afford their clothes. I bought this camera strap and phone case.

This is a card I bought in Derby by Stop the clock designs who have this amazing style of combining patterns and a sewn/illustrative look. The cute quotes are a bonus! 

This is a bit of experimentation with my new lens. I love how it blurs some of the background to focus on the centre subject. Cords and Pucca scramble!

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