Saturday, 20 July 2013

Happy Canada Day

My standard breakfast when waffle irons and fruit loops are involved:

On the main street they had set up a stage where musicians performed for the celebrations. I think they were local bands as I hadn't heard of anyone. It was good music though and quite a big crowd. 

I love these sorts of hats and wish I knew where this guy got his :D

They had a fireworks display in the evening and I managed to get a good view from our hotel window. 

There weren't a lot of shops near where I was staying but this was about the only one with any interesting things. I don't think you could miss it. 

Tim Hortons is a famous Canadian Coffee shop that do amazing donuts! I tried the strawberry jam one which was so good with loads of powdered sugar on.

Oh and I found this at one of their Starbucks and just had to get one! I'm such a tourist! 

We stopped by one of the smaller villages and they had a rather big church with some nice views around. Had a little look at the fire station too. 

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