Thursday, 30 May 2013

Design Awesomeness

I found these leaflet/map/guide books in a shop called Ink and Thread in Derby. They sell lots of things like these cool and quirky designs. I actually saw these on urbanicpaper and was tempted to buy them but upon seeing them in this shop I just had to get them right then and there! I am going to Berlin in a few weeks and it just made sense to buy a guide for there as well.

Created by herblester

Now I will show you some cool packaging designs from lovelypackage

I love the minimal style for these candles and the colour gradient used to separate the text. 

Found at - john-lewis-candles

I think a lot of foods could benefit from having their own characters for different flavours: 

Found at - generous

I will try to make more posts on any designs I have found inspiring but I have a whole bunch on my Pinterest that I regularly use as inspiration for my own work if you'd like to see. 

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