Thursday, 27 June 2013

Berlin Day One - Montag

Ich bin zurück aus Berlin! ... and I can't really speak German but I can thanks to Google translate! 

I am back from a trip to Berlin which happened to be at the same time as when they had the hottest day of the year and President Barack Obama had a visit. Nice timing! 

I took waaaay too many photos so I have separated my posts into the days I was there. First day we got there at about lunchtime and was able to see this exhibit called 'Topography of Terror.' 

A bit of photography inception going on here.

The way it dipped down made for a nice little sun trap and my friend and I were fighting to find shade, English weather does not prepare you for this!

This outside part of the exhibit showed a timeline of when Hitler came to power. I think we started at the wrong end as it went backwards... oops.  Too hot to realise!

Along the side of the exhibit was remains of the Berlin Wall which has some interesting graffiti on it.

We had dinner at the Midtown Grill where I discovered a lovely drink that I wish they had in England. Its called Arizona Green Tea which is imported from America. I love most hot drinks and their iced forms especially when they add other flavours to it. This pomegranate green tea was no exception! I also really love the bottle packaging design which has an oriental feel. I like how it gives a little toast to you on the top. Very refreshing and good if you are bored of having coke or any of the usual soft drinks.

On the way back we had Haagen Dazs ice-cream for dessert (cookies and cream for life in my case) Then walked through the Tiergarten Park which is like a mini forest in the centre of the city. I even spotted multiple rabbits in the bushes. 

I can't seem to go to a european city without finding a cool use of a bike for advertising. 

Look forward to Day Two next - Dienstag.

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