Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bristol Harbour Festival

Last weekend was the Bristol Harbour festival that I hadn't been to before but heard was quite popular. I went on the Saturday that started off well and was crazy busy but by the afternoon it was raining as expected of English weather. The Sunday was a lot better as the sun came out again and it was quite hot.

Normally where these people are sat there is a water fountain that travels down the steps but were turned off for them to listen to the live music. I couldn't help but think it would be funny if they suddenly came back on again.

This made me laugh for some reason:

There was no shortage of fudge and sweets around to buy. I spotted two stalls and a whole gazebo of places selling sweets. 

A carriage was being painted in a 'Brizzle' themed graffiti which had some really cool lettering.

Something for the lads: 

I feel like it was trying to be Disneyland with the Mickey Mouse balloons. 

Around the corner where the @t Bristol is there was some people doing an acrobatic show on these bars.  

I have started to do some Gromit Spotting which I will be posting on soon :)

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