Wednesday, 20 February 2013

m&m World British style

I had a little detour to m&m world in London after I had been to a conference nearby for a short business trip. This was last year and as I was looking through some other photos I stumbled cross these (which is why I am posting this now) They aren't the best photos as I took them on my compact camera but I think the bright and colourful look of the store still comes through. 

There was a mini gallery with the m&m's characters dressed as famous British personalities like Robin Hood. 

I had to do a close-up of my favourite ones obviously. 

The shop had sooo many cool and quirky souvenirs but some things were a bit too pricey for me so I bought these little earrings and some bags of m&ms from the massive selection of colours they had to pick and mix yourself. I think I got a bit carried away though as the m&ms come out the shoots pretty quickly and ended up spending more money anyway :P Oh well it was worth it! 

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