Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Update

Okay, so I went and bought a PSP mostly so that I could play this game- Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I got a cheap, second hand one so I could spend more on the actual game and buy the special edition. It comes with an art book and two art prints. I'm on a mission to warm myself up for when the game Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.

I haven't completed it yet but so far I love this game!

Moving on, I have been trying to watch more Studio Ghibli films and was kindly leant Ponyo to see the original Japanese version. I am now tempted to watch the dubbed version to see how the dialog differs. I'm not sure what to watch next but I have my eye on 'From up on Poppy Hill.' 

I found some really cool artwork on the windows of a fast food shop near my work and had to get some photos. There is a link to the illustrator here.

Lovely minimal window display by Jigsaw. 

I randomly noticed my coffee had a heart shaped shadow in it and thought it was cute.


Recently, I have gotten into loose leaf teas and found this glass infuser tea pot at a shop called 'The Loft' in Bath. I have to admit tea tastes a lot better when made in a pretty tea pot. 

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