Sunday, 18 May 2014

Park & Slide!

I began at the Christmas Steps where the path is a bit sideways in places. I found it to be a much better route to take than going up Park Street though. Especially when a big event like the Park & Slide is going on.

I carried on down Colston Street where they have a row of shops, all closed of course on the Sunday though. All the better for me to take photos and not get funny looks!

Check out this shop window display with the books as a banner. I love how thats all you can make out because of the reflection of the building opposite.

Look how cute! They cut out some letters and stuck them on the window!

They had a little cutting board set up by the window for book binding I would guess?

Your treasure box making skills are awesome Lucy! 

This is where I first saw the crowd at the slide. There was band dressed in pink building up the atmosphere for when it started.

This is the starting point for the slide. I could only get this shot by holding my camera above my head and hoping it got a good angle. There was just so many people!  

Spiderman becomes Sliderman! Hahaha! I'm hilarious!

They had a fair on College Green with lots of activities including canoeing.

I decided to play a game called spot the minion.

This is the crowd when the sliding was in full swing... ridiculous!

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