Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sweet things: Paul & Joe and Rilakkuma

My purchases this month had a theme of sweetness so I thought I should share it on here. I bought some new make-up from Harrods as they had a good range of Paul & Joe cosmetics. Here I have:
Liquid eye-liner
Light cream foundation
Face Powder
Brush Holder

I love their style of packaging!

The brush holder has two compartments and a vintage style that is carried across the other items.

The face powder comes with a pom pom to put on the make-up with but I don't think I'll ever use mine as it is too cute!

My delivery from Harrods came with a little note to say thank you for shopping with them. Nice little touch :)

My first Rilakkuma purchase! I saw this pencil case on ebay and had to get it as it displays my love of coffee. One bonus I didn't notice on the ebay photos was the Rilakkuma writing in the background is actually in glitter!

The best candle I have smelt so far is this Woodwick Trilogy candle in Fresh Baked which is Bakery cupcake, orange gingersnap and coffee cake. I look forward to seeing how the fragrance changes throughout the three layers.

The wooden wick is unique to these candles as it gives off the sound of a crackling fire as it burns.

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