Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blackberry adventures!

I managed to get some photos from my Blackberry onto my laptop finally! My bluetooth wouldn't work so I had to dig out the connector. Okay so I went to France to visit some family for New Year last year and it was weird how warm it is over there at Winter time. The sky was so blue and we could even eat outside! No jackets for us but my relatives who live there were in coats and scarves!

I love how they make their food look so pretty. 

On visiting the inside of the restaurant there was a very cool poster of all Coca-cola drinks. I think it was metal and they had embossed it to look more 3D. Some nice typography there too.

On the way onto the plane there was some crazy shadows reflecting off of the windows so I had to get a photo. 

Apparently 'The hangover' doesn't translate to french so they described it as a 'very bad trip' which I suppose is true. 

Now back in England to Derby where I went to visit a friend. She took me to one of the best cafe's I have ever been - Jack Rabbits.  They even have a Deli where you can buy lots of different foods and all freshly made. 

This is from a magazine my friend had and I can't help but wonder why they don't do this to the odd telephone box.

I went for short trip to Krakow with my parents and saw this magazine cover's logo which I thought could be a bit of inspiration for my own logo. Seeing that my name is abbreviated to DH. 

Bit of ping pong in Bristol city centre. 

The pinkest of all pink lemonades.

Crazy wines glasses at Pizza Express.

I had a bit of time to spare before a job interview so I had coffee in Starbucks and it was the first time I had experienced them putting your name on the cup. I know I'm so deprived aren't I? I feel special now.

Back in Bristol I visited a farm shop where they had an upstairs department with all this amazing furniture. I just had to sneak some photos of it all.

Hat lamp!!

Someone buy me this dresser please. Love you long time!  

Oh yeah and there's me!

Just have a deck-chair in your living room! Like yah do!

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