Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pretty Afternoon Tea

For my Mum's Mother's Day present my brother and I got her a voucher for an afternoon tea at Ston Easton Park in Somerset. It's a beautiful house that makes me feel like I was in a period drama like Downton Abbey.

We sat around this fireplace in the Living Room. 

My brother took the opportunity to catch up on the sports news.

They first put out the clotted cream and jam on the foot stool/table to indicate the coming of scones.

The sandwich selection was ham, tomato and dijon mustard or egg mayonnaise or smoked salmon with cucumber. Unfortunately none of these are to my taste but I still gave them a try.

The top layer had miniature scones that were so cute! You were given two plain and two with raisins. 

This is how I normally put my scones together (cream then jam) but I was told that was not the proper way by my mum because it is meant to be jam then cream. I think it just means you taste the jam more in my opinion but my old way was easier to spread the cream. Look at me getting into a debate about scone assembly!

I had a little look into the dining room which was already very neatly laid out with crockery that had lovely patterns. 

I didn't realise until afterwards that they have a photography competition, which I wish I knew about before. However I will put the link here if anyone wants to have a look or see their website. 

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