Monday, 25 March 2013

Krakow: Summer visit

I need to get into a sunnier mood because it is meant to be Spring at the moment and it sure doesn't feel like it! These are photos I took when I went to Krakow last Summer. I wanted to see what it was like with some more pleasant weather as I had previously been on a university trip in the Winter. I do love snow but there's only so much cold you can take before you think enough now, can I please not be shivering all the time. I made a post about my last visit here and then a part 2 here if you want to have a look.

The castle you see across here is the Wawel Castle. We visited the inside but I wasn't allowed to take any photos.

The old town square with the market going through the central building.

They had a career fair going on outside with a stage set up for music later on. 

We took a boat trip around the river and this is a photo of the other side of castle.

People were sunbathing beside the river.

This was spray painted on the pavement.

"Hey cat, watch out, don't walk on the 't'! Oops too late..."

Loving the windows on this cafe! 

Don't mind if I do! 

Free beer man! Yay! 

There were some bubbles floating down the street from a toy shop. They were actually really hard to get a photo of!

Courtyard inside the castle. 

Fire-breathing dragon!

Look out child!

He'll eat your books too apparently? 

I wanted to compare Winter and Summer together and I think I like both but I want Summer right now.

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