Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pretty Nostalgic

On a recent trip to Birmingham I found this magazine at New Street Station. Its called 'pretty nostalgic' which has great articles including DIY, cooking, shopping, interior design all in the chic/vintage style.  Its a bit pricey but I think thats because it is like a quarterly magazine and has quite a lot more to offer than your standard magazine. If you spot it anywhere give it a go! 

My mum recently found these teacups as a set of six at a car boot sale in Wales for a bargain price of £5! They were all in really good condition and I fell in love with the design when she showed me. However she is intending to give it as a gift to a friend so sadly they cannot be mine. Maybe I should give car boots a bit more of a go because you never know what you'll find. 

I visited the Stowe Landscape Gardens last Summer and wanted to share a few photos from there seeing as they tie in with the 'vintage' theme of the post.

Hanging herbs from the ceiling is the only way to go.

Chair made out of a tree, as you do.

8 legged sheep are being bred there.  


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