Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed

This week was the start of the Gromit Unleashed exhibition which will be running from Wednesday 17th September until Monday 23rd September as they extended it because of the high volume of people coming to see it. The Gromits are to be auctioned for charity afterwards. It is being held in Clifton, Bristol literally just down the road from where I work so I had to take up the chance to see it. I arrived on the Thursday at 7.20 am and there were already about 10 people queuing up despite the fact it wasn't opening until 9 am. I was armed with plenty of layers and a large coffee to get me through the hour and 40 minute wait. I have to say it was definitely worth it as I was never going to be able to find them all when they were dotted around Bristol. Seeing them all together in one place was amazing. 

One of my favourites - Simons cat. 

This is the first floor of Gromits and I will make my next post on the second floor with the gift shop.

To view click here: Gromit Unleashed Part 2

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