Friday, 19 April 2013

Egypt in the Winter but feels like Summer?

Finally we have some sun! To celebrate this I thought I would make a post on my visit to Egypt for my 21st birthday. We went in December when there was snow in England so it was quite the shock to go to blue skies and sand. We heard that Luxor was nicer to see than Cairo unless you really want to see the pyramids. Riding a camel and seeing some mummies were on my list of things I needed to do there.

Glow in the dark ornaments!

We took a ride on the camels through some fields and passed by some farm animals grazing. The ride was a bit bumpy when they go up or down any slopes but ignoring that it was very serene with picturesque views to take in. 

British restaurant named after a Beatrix Potter character? Heck yeah! 

It would be unwise to pet this kitty, he hates you. 

These sweets need to exist in England:

View from the hotel balcony:

Also had a look around the hotel rooftop: 

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