Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour Part II

Here are some more photos from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. If you would like to see the first lot then click here.

On a side note at work the other day the music wasn't working so my supervisor put on some of her music which turned out to be a lot of movie soundtracks. One came on and I thought 'that sounds a lot like Harry Potter' which it did turn out to be. She also had Lord of the Rings and The Nightmare Before Christmas which sometimes sounded really dramatic as if a fight were about to break out! It was awesome! As a result of this I have downloaded the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Soundtrack which is really nice to listen to and has a bit of a chrismassy feeling to it :)

Professor Umbridge's outfits. So much pink! 

Why look! Its me and Kristi on Hagrid's motorcycle. Also there's a purple triple decker bus in the background.

I flippin' love this bridge! Shame what happened to it in the story. 

Creepy Dobby head will peer into your soul.

Lets do a bit of shopping at Diagon Alley. 

Everyone who worked on the films had their own wand boxed up here with their names on it. If you knew someone that would be there it would probably take you a while to find it, there was soo many! 

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