Monday, 13 August 2012

Venice trip

One of the best places I've ever been is Venice. The architecture is so beautiful and its quite refreshing to be somewhere with no cars!

This is the view from our hotel which had some souvenir shops and nice restaurants.

One thing you have to do there is to go on a gondola. The men even dress up so you have the complete experience. It can be expensive but its good to do at least once. 

You can still get traffic jams though!

It did rain a bit while we were in the boat but it didn't 'dampen' the experience haha!

Oh my goodness! You can't skip their ice-cream/gelati. It wasn't until I looked back at this photo later that I realised they had kinder ice-cream! How long do you think I will have to wait for them to bring it to England?

St Marks Square. I think I tried to fit too much into this picture, too many great sights in one place!

I want to say this was Salvador Dali's work but I can't remember.

Peggy Guggenheim museum. 

Crazy mirror cube.

Banana and Chocolate pancake that reminds me I should try and recreate this sometime.

Hope you enjoyed this short review of a trip to Venice. I would love to go again, I'm sure there is a lot more to see. Thanks for reading! :)  

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