Sunday, 14 August 2016

Japan Trip - Tokyo Part Three

Next stop Electric Town!

I really liked Akihabara. The shops had so many cool and cute things. 

We then took a trip to Ikebukuro where the Pokemon Mega Store is and also loads of amazing shops. 

Had to try a green tea frappaccino from Starbucks which was so good! I really wish they made these in the UK.

At every opportunity, when we went to a cafe I had a milk tea and this was the best one being a strawberry flavour one. 

Oh my goodness there was a YuGiOh themed cafe which I would have loved to go to but we had already booked to go to the Cardcaptor Sakura cafe.

Heres the overly cute and pink Cardcaptor Sakura cafe in the animate store. 

Kero shaped orange marmalade hot chocolate. 

Ice cream sunday with a clow card shaped biscuit.

This is what they gave you as a table marker. How flipping cute is this key!?

Pancakes and berry compote. 

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