Sunday, 17 May 2015

Christmas in New York Part 2

Hey there! I thought I should put up the pictures I took in New York from my phone for you to see. They show the smaller details of what I saw like purchases, food, displays etc. Hope you like it!

I fell in love with Macy's which I didn't expect as its kind of like an American version of John Lewis or House of Fraser but I probably spent most of my time shopping here. They had really good sales and a lot of the brands you can get in England were a lot cheaper there. I would never be able to afford Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger in the UK. 

Their Christmas decorations were so cute as well, made me feel like a kid again. 

My brother and I took a trip to the Nintendo World Store as I had my heart set on buying the new Pokemon Game at the time, which was Omega Ruby. However I found out that you can't play games on the 3DS that are from a different country to your console. I needed a minute to stop crying internally but it was worth the journey to see the collection of Nintendo memorabilia and Pokemon merchandise.  

They had a really good selection of Poke Dolls so I bought a little Amaura and Ampharos Keyring. 

To continue my nerdy findings, the hotel we stayed at just happened to be down the road from Kinokuniya which is a Japanese bookstore. This definitely made up for the gaming disappointment. 

I decided to give Kobato a read as I loved the anime. Then I got the Kingdom Hearts Manga of 365/2 days as I didn't get around to playing that game. I found the Tokyo guide by Herb Lester as I have the Berlin and London version which has amazing illustrations and design. Also some cute little keyrings of Cardcaptor Sakura and Madoka Magica. 

Got a cute Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushie too. 

In one of the restaurants we went to for dinner I saw they had sweet potato mash with marshmallow as a side dish, which I think are yams? I just had to try it and I found it a bit weird to have sweet with savoury but I still enjoyed it. 

We had tickets to see a basketball game at Madison Square Gardens and it was AAAMAZING! I'm not really that into watching sports but basketball was so much fun! I think its because its a lot faster than most sports. The two teams we saw were the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks and it ended up being a pretty close match in the end, which was really exciting. 

Got us some proper American milkshakes and club sandwiches! Very happy! 

We did have a little look in Saks on Fifth Avenue and they had some costumes on display. Here are a few that I especially liked. 

Macy's at night! I took lots of pictures of the window displays but this was the only one that didn't come out really blurry. 

That's all for New York! Hope you liked my little collection of photos! 

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