Sunday, 19 January 2014

December favourites

Over the top Christmas jumper FTW!

Get ready for some good and bad iphone photos I had taken over the Christmas month. I give you some new things from me over the month of December. Hope you had a good one!

My first Christmas tree all from Paperchase. Decided to get a white tree and have the coloured baubles stand out a bit more because this set had really pretty ones with different textures and sheens.  

My aunt and uncle bought me a mini Daisy 'eau so fresh' perfume that came with a little funnel to refill it for christmas. I had never tried this one before and it was lucky for them that I totally loved it! Eau so fresh being the optimum word for it and it is quite sweet as well which is what I like in my perfumes. 

Ahh Starbucks has to be my favourite and I became a bit obsessed with the pumpkin spiced latte too. Loved the Christmas cup design. 

Yo! Sushi had a really cool window display of these neon fish. 

Bristol now has a Pull & Bear store which I am quite happy about (I haven't been to one before but I like their products) I had to snap some of their visual merchandising too.

Crazy flamingo ornament!

I didn't know Superdry did cosmetics now so I took a few pictures of their display as the packaging is amazing too. The kraft brown texture with neon colours is such a good combination in my opinion.

I completed Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance! These are the final stats I had and I love how they tell you who your 'Best Spirit Friend' was. Sorry for the cliche naming of the hedgehog-looking creature being called Prickles.

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